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We are one of the top leading packing tape manufacturer, printing company and supplier in UAE and export to Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, KSA, kuwait and African countries. our aim is to produce state of the art quality packaging works, packing tape, self adhesive packing tape with 1 color to multi colors logo and company name printing with low MOQ order in UAE. our packing tape printing and supply services available across all emirates in UAE like, Dubai, sharjah, Abudhabi, Al Ain, RAK, Ajman, Fujairah and UQ. we offer packing tape printing with custom design works at quick production and fast delivery at low price in UAE. if you are looking for a reliable and fast delivery packing tape printing company in UAE then you get couple of benfits:

  • low minimum quantity order
  • customized logo, company name printing
  • clear, white, brown and black packing tape with logo
  • self adhesive with strong packing tape
  • urgent production and delivery in UAE
  • low price, superior quality and on time delivery


we one of the multiple production and printing company who provide wide range of printing services in UAE and we are alos in the industry of printing of  bopp packing/ self adhesive packing tape, bopp clear/buff/brown packaging tape, bopp colour tape, bopp customized logo printed tape, stationery cartoon packing tape, bopp jumbo roll( long tube) packing film and tape, PVC tape and self adhesive, bopp film clear and white tape printing.  we produce totally custom design printing in any color, any size in 50 yard, or 100 yard or any length as per customer requirements.

  • Bopp Packing Tape
  • Transparent Bopp Packing Tape
  • Adhesive Packing tape
  • Brown Adhesive Tape
  • Clear-Green Bopp Packing Tape
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Transparent Adhesive Tape
  • Stationery Tape
  • OPP Packing Tape
  • Bopp Adhesive Tape Jumbo Roll
  • Carton Sealing Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Double Sided Tissue Tape
  • Printed Packing Tape
  • Jumbo Roll tape
  • cartoon box
  • packaging works with printing

customized-bopp-clear-white-brown-packing-tape-printing-and-supply-in-uae Printed-Packing-Tape-wholesale-supplier-in-deira-dubai-uae

Our quality products of packing tape printing with moderate prices is our promise to customers to get reliable and cheap price services in UAE. we strive continuously to get superior quality products by putting endless effort and cutting edge technological innovation in the industry make fast delivery, reliable production and bulk manufacturing capacity.  our PVC, plastic packing tap printing is more durable and long lasting its self adhesive glue.

why packing tape should be printed ? and befits of printing of packing tape? yes, Secure Packages in Style with Custom Printed Tape to make your packing even more luxury and safe at low price in UAE now!!!
regardless in business industry you are in, that packing tape printing is one of the most common way to promote your business and protect your  products in the cartoon, standing out is imperative and to make sealed your products what you pack. usage of packing tape is one of the essential way to brand your logo from the mail-order customer receiving clothing, gifts, apparel, goods sending and receiving, packaging industry, courier company, shipping yard and company and more to packages that require ample protection during air-freight or shipping,

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Business Brochure Printing are basically useful for Using Portable Document Format for leaflets, reports and pitches Using webinars to communicate information to customers, providers, teams, possibilities. Making more utilization of integrated e-mail Using cleaned electronic mailing list Cleaning in house electronic mailing list Using ecofriendly materials, like Documents and ink Use e billing for accounts to customers Encourage customers with ecofriendly alternatives Using sellers which use sustainable methods to produce art, printed material, sites, video and marketing. Any of those not only use more sustainable promotion in addition they preserve money overly. Using Portable Document Format For Brochures Using Portable Document Format format for brochures means customers can rapidly change their brochure to reflect what they have discussed with their prospect.

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The possibility gets it via e-mail as soon as it’s finished and drives the whole purchasing process a lot more rapidly. Orienting the booklet to the possibility provides the relationship more impact. The possibility sees the bureau understands their distinguishing scenario. Additionally it is simpler for the possibility to send the booklet around their organization for discussion. There are different methods to get a lot more buy in with a Portable Document Format booklet, but I’ll leave that to your creativity. The net result an enormous saving in printing costs and a lot more flexibility in use.

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Your business can use the employment of a corporate brochure designer. Let’s say you could be marketing your organization services or products in a trade show and you need appealing booklets to provide all the specific information to all your prospects customers. You do not only need white and black tri fold pieces of paper with raw data. In order to entice onlookers to becoming customers, you are going to need more than that. They don’t have to light up and say, Hi, how are you, but they must present an expert picture and use graphics to assist communicate the message you need your company to say to the world.
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For this reason, using the employment of a corporate brochure designer. This can be where the cost-effective outsourcing of the corporate brochure design work could be a godsend to your company needs. Maybe you’ve they require to send out regular mailings to of your visitors and prospects customers. You’d prefer to send them anything with wonderful, eye pleasing graphics that draw them to the information about the services your company provides, am I right? For a corporate booklet to actually have impact, and not artistic impact, but also out of your top ledge services you’ve to provide, you need a talented designer. One that understands your company fully, and may be capable to provide a wealth of details about your company within a small space. All this and more is needed to ensure that your brochures to have impact. You might have incorporated in their design any appropriate info like lately added products, seasonal discount rates and upcoming events or sales that the customers are all wanting to know about.

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The way to Design and Layout a Booklet  printing and Designing a basic booklet – how difficult can that be? For great graphic designers, the answer is tougher than you think. Booklet Printing for Tri Folds Booklets – Design and Layout Hints for Tri folds Booklet printing is only as powerful if you know that your market is, how you can deftly reach them end your booklets, how to print them correctly, and the manner in which you can design and layout your booklets. Make Your Booklet Do Its Job – Nearly every company creates a booklet, but it usually a workout in futility.

Worn Out Booklet Design Is Keeping Small Business Owners Down – Many company owner

Booklet Printing Dubai

s are sold on the belief they need a tri fold booklet or they’re not in business. Booklet Printing Design And Printing Advice – Booklet printing can frequently make up a large part of any marketing campaign’s total expense. Leaflet Design Hints – Leaflet design suggestions are often learned the hard way for the beginner designer. Developing a Successful Promotional Leaflet – A well designed booklet is a valuable tool for promoting yourself to prospective patients. Booklet Copy writing – Pamphlets do have similarities to sales letters, but in addition they have their very own distinguishing peculiarities that influence your booklet copy writing.
Booklet Design: Tips and Techniques – A booklet is known as the marketing tool that brings eye catching designs and captivating language to attract individuals to get its proper meaning. Designing Brochures & Flyers : What purposes do brochures and flyers serve? – Brochures and flyers are intended to sell or explain your services or products. Folding Tips for Booklet Design – Folds for booklets along with other form of design projects including the half fold, the two parallel fold, the letter fold, the accordion fold, the z fold, the half plus z fold, along with other folds. How To Make A Super Booklet Or Mailing Piece – Eleven excellent guidelines to be sure that your booklet brings you the outcomes that the company strives for. Design Your Own Booklet for Web and Print – Find out the manner in which you must be creating your brochure on-line and in print with these guidelines.

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The brochure printing services provide creative and practical design of branding is among the essential contributors to the success or otherwise of the company, service or merchandise. The brand allows one business to distinguish and distinguish itself from those of rivals and me overly companies. The ultimate goal of branding through successful graphic design is not only to create a brand image and security that identifies your company or offerings from the opposition, but to design and handle the marketing procedure to create a perception in the market that your company or product is the only real choice. The procedure for branding constitutes of two essential components, focusing on the external and internal factors that impact on the perception of the consumer.

The interior brand components include character, culture and Self-image. Personality pertains to the client perception and description of the brand, culture pertains to the social circumstance wherein the brand is recognized, and, Self-picture encompasses the way the brand evokes emotions from the consumer. The exterior elements of the brand include physique, representation and connection. Physique pertains to the physical features of the brand that creates desire in the market to drive people to determine what the company is and what they do, representation pertains to the way that the present and would-be customers are being managed or fed with the branding picture, and, relationship pertains to the mode wherein current and would-be customers develop a connection with the brand.

Plainly delivers the message and distinctive selling proposition to the market. Creates and confirms the perception of credibility and trust. Was designed to create an emotional bond between the company and the target market. Drives motivation in current and prospective customers. Creates a feeling of loyalty toward the company and brand. Graphic design types an important element of all the aspects of the marketing process. The world is saturated in stimuli and the fight for the attention is increasing. To stick out in the audience, the use of innovative images and graphic design is essential.

Best Quality Business Card Printing, Brochure Design, Flyer Printing Services in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman

Qasar Al Murjan is well known for its top quality designs of business card printing Dubai wide. We intend to deliver the best customer services throughout UAE. Qasar Al Murjan business card printing keeps on being an incredible organization concentrated on offer first-class printing services. It’s really accepted that a business card reflect the identity if an association or a business.

Effective promoting must be refined if you have a business advertising procedure and the perfect apparatuses to complete it. There are bunches of marketing materials that might be upgraded for the advantage of your business.
It is excessively imperative to make a logo for your organization. At whatever point you hand over your own card to individuals, the primary thing that draws their consideration is the logo. The logo helps them to remember your business at whatever point they see it elsewhere. It symbolizes your business and gets to be distinctly unknown with it. Thus it is essential to make a one of a kind and appealing logo for your organization.

Here in Dubai we do provide all kind of high quality printing services like brochure design ideas, brochure template design, flyer design, booklet printing etc.

Cheap & Best Leaflet Printing Services in Dubai & Sharjah, High Quality Brochure, catalog, booklet, flyer, business cards Printing Services offer fine quality graphic design and printing services by using state of the art quality printing machinery with help of cutting edge technology brochure finishing equipment which provides reliable, cheap and on time delivery. Leaflet printing is affordable promotional tool. Brochure Printing is one of the leading printing organizations in UAE which offers high quality, cheap and best leaflet printing Dubai wide. Brochure printing is one stop solution for all your printing needs. Here we do provide brochure designing and printing, flyer printing, offset printing etc which are unique in design and shape. We use multi colors while printing the flyers, leaflet etc.

brochure printing in sharjah by qasar

  • A4 size brochure Size 297 x 210 mm 29.7 x 21 cm 11.7 x 8.3 inches
  • A3 size brochure Size 420 x 297 mm 42 x 29.7 cm 16.5 x 11.7 inches
  • A4 size brochure Size 297 x 210 mm 29.7 x 21 cm 11.7 x 8.3 inches
  • A5 Size brochure size 210 x 148 mm 21 x 14.8 cm 8.3 x 5.8 inches
  • A6 size brochure Size 148 x 105 mm 14.8 x 10.5 cm 5.8 x 4.1 inches
  • A7 size brochure  Size 105 x 74 mm 10.5 x 7.4 cm 4.1 x. 2.9 inches

Colorful leaflet printing gives good impression on your business and attracts a lot of customers and clients. We do create a custom leaflet printing which is good in design with outstanding style. we offer free design lay out for your brochure printing, free brochure template available in our system in order get your brochure printed for emergency of urgent meeting.

  • offset printing
  • digital printing
  • UV printing flat bed and small bed
  • silk screen printing


Leaflet printing is basic to obviously clarify the leaflet printing organization about the target you craving to accomplish through them. Once the designers are edified about the objective with which the leaflets are to be printed, they participate in meetings to generate new ideas to ideate the most inventive and innovative thoughts to get the message over the focused on clients perfectly and successfully.

  • tri fold brochure design and printing
  • bi fold brochure
  • menu card brochure
  • product brochure
  • throw away cheap 3 folded brochure
  • gate fold and zig-zag folded brochures
  • multi colors printing brochure

bi fold brochure designed and printed by qasar sharjah

A leaflet can be exceptionally instrumental to the business or any association wishing to increase the presence in the commercial center. However, an impact leaflet must be very much intended to be powerful to its planned reason; else, it can reverse discharge with awful repercussions. our brochure printing and finishing, binding facility is:

why you choose us to print brochure today: has decades of excellent experience in the brochure design and printing industry which offer affordable brochures, flyer, leaflet, pamphlet, folder, business cards, pop up banner, roll up banner and corporate gift and promotional give away and much more…. brochure can target potential customer by making nice graphics, fine quality printing which is cost effective way to market in UAE. brochure material and thickness details and brief information such as:

brochure printing in sharjah dubai

features in our brochure printing factory in sharjah is:

  • state of the art quality with cutting edge technology of equipment
  • free graphic designing services by our expert and professional creative team
  • 5 colors plus varnish online
  • laser cutting services for brochure covers
  • quick production, reliable and on time delivery
  • low cost in UAE guaranteed
  • various paper stock collections in our stock always

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cheap leaflet printing Dubai is available from numerous companies, but the regular of completed leaflets may vary significantly. It is essential to clearly define the objective of the leaflet and its purpose. Can it be to introduce new clients to your business or could it be to be distributed to present customers to start a brand new products or services? It’s important to think about the supreme purpose of the leaflet as well as the marketplace. These components will discover how a leaflet is organized, the content and images featured within. As every company is vying for the interest of objective customers, you might have to make a flyer that is engaging and enlightening and certainly conveys your fundamental message.

As professionals in London print providers, we advise you to be innovative and think about your identifying selling point, something you will offer customers that your opponents don’t. This may draw attention and interest in your business and encourage individuals to read your leaflet in greater detail. Should you opt to integrate pictures for the leaflet select these carefully. Make sure that the are of top quality and more importantly relevant to your business. If you provide products, include some professional product pictures or if you are a service provider just like a web designer add a number of in a position screenshots to show your best work.

Among the most crucial elements to take into account when making your booklet is the content. It’s crucial that you make properly written copy that’s creatively organized and split up into brief sentences. The size of the booklet also has to be taken into account, A5 leaflets in a lot of cases are much more efficient as they might easily fit into leaflet stands or be connected to notice boards. With regards to leaflets printing UK, we’d always advocate that you simply utilize a high paper of high quality or thin card. A strong way to encourage individuals to read your booklet and get in touch with your business will be to include a reason.

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A brochure printing Dubai is Associate in Nursing informative paper document usually conjointly used for advertising, which will be bifold into an example, pamphlet or leaflet. Brochures square measure promotional documents, primarily wont to introduce an organization, organization, product or services and inform prospective customers or members of the general public of the advantages. Brochures square measure distributed within newspapers, handed out in person or placed in leaflet racks in high traffic locations. they will be thought-about as gray literature. they’re sometimes gift close to holidaymaker attractions.

Brochures square measure currently accessible in electronic format and square measure known as e-brochures. the foremost common varieties of single-sheet brochures square measure the bi-fold one sheet written on each side and bifold into halves and therefore the tri-fold a similar, however bifold into thirds. A bi-fold leaflet leads to four panels 2 panels on all sides, whereas a tri-fold leads to six panels 3 panels on all sides.

Other leaflet fold arrangements square measure possible: the accordion or “z-fold” technique, the “c-fold” technique, etc. Larger sheets, like those with elaborated maps or expansive picture spreads, square measure bifold into four, five, or six panels. once 2 card fascia square measure satisfied to the outer panels of the z-folded leaflet, it’s ordinarily called a “z-card”. Booklet brochures square measure fabricated from multiple sheets most frequently saddle-stitched, pinned on the crumpled edge, or good sure sort of a paperback, and end in eight or additional panels.

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Why not take benefit of this desire to create a unique club inside your customer base? Call it what you need, this Shopper club needs specific plastic membership cards and offers all sorts of Members only discount rates and promotions. Think about custom membership cards as one-on one advertising devices. Whenever you pick out your best clients to get plastic loyalty cards, you are actually doing some very cost efficient marketing. If you are put in place to immediately issue a custom plastic card to every customer who wants one, it’s practically sure you will increase both traffic and sales.

The entire point is to make the customers feel special and privileged. At vacation time, everybody wants a turkey, right? Well, wouldn’t you feel wonderful In case your VIP club card qualified you to purchase a turkey in a ridiculously good deal like.39 US per pound. So long as you are going to spend cash on plastic card printing, why don’t you include key business cards as well. Key business cards are as powerful as plastic Identity document since they’re really visible advertising devices. Key business cards really beneficial for you because it help customer and client to make them readable and informative thing this is really provide very good impact for your business.

As it’s likely for the client to have their keys at hand while they may be checking out, it’s incredibly easy for them to recall to present their key business card or business brochure when it is required. Plastic membership cards and companion business templates, business card are excellent ways for company owners in the United Kingdom to create a unique Club within their client base which offers rewards and discount rates to those clients who most deserve them. Charlie Benet is premier card printing paper work with for the last 12 years. Concept Card is among the UK’s premier suppliers of cost efficient plastic cards to allow membership, loyalty, hotel key access photo ID and business cards.